FAQ About Base Camp

What to Bring to Base Camp?

Please restrict your luggage to one piece of no more than 18 kg in a soft bag (no hard suitcases please since they do not pack well into the heli).

Pack normally for any heli skiing holiday but you won't need anything fancy.

We have skis, poles and ready for your use and a small selection of snowboards. However, we do not supply telemark equipment. If wanting to use one of our snowboards make sure to bring you own bindings (4x4 system) if you have any to ensure a good fit.

Warm winter boots to walk around camp.

Weather can be extremely variable, bring clothes for cold winter conditions.

Please bring your choice of hard liquor to camp. Liquor can be purchase in Smithers prior to your arrival at Base Camp. Please note: beer, wine and soft drinks are all included in your package price.

Are there warm showers?

Yes, there is a heated shower tent which has two shower units and sinks with an “On Demand” water heating system, which means hot showers for everyone at any time.

Are all the tents at Base Camp always heated?

Yes, all of the tents are always heated for your comfort. The main dome is heated with a wood stove and all the other tents with a thermostatic controlled stove.

Are there boot and glove driers provided at Base Camp?

Yes, driers are provided at Base Camp so your boots and gloves are always dry and warm before you go out and play in the pow.

What toiletries do I need to bring?

We provide towels for showering as well as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Please do not bring your own as we only allow the use of biodegradable products to preserve the natural wilderness environment in which we are based. Please bring any other toiletries you will require. 

Do I have to share a tent with someone?

Yes, double accommodation only, no single occupancy.

What kind of accommodation does Base Camp have to offer?

Each guest tent houses 2 guests and includes: rustic wood frame beds, wool duvets, small night stands and portable black diamond lanterns to use inside the tent or around camp.

Each tent has a thermostat controlled heater and is easily adjusted to your desired sleeping temperature.

Are there double beds if I am coming with my partner?

Yes, double beds are available upon request if you are coming with your partner. We have two tents that can be converted to a double bed for couples.

How cold is it at Base Camp?

Temperatures can vary a lot at Base Camp. A typical day would be -5 degrees Celcius during the day and perhaps -20 degrees Celcius at night. This is only and average though, so temperatures could get above zero during the day and as low as -35 degrees Celcius at night.

Is there cell phone reception at Base Camp?

No, there is no cell phone reception. Satellite telephone communication is available at $2.00 per minute.

The cheaper option is to communicate via internet which is provided free of cost to all our guests. Vsee or viber work way better than skype and Facetime.

Is there internet at Base Camp?

Yes, there is a wireless internet hub at Base Camp for those of you who need to stay plugged in during your vacation. You can bring your laptop along or use your smartphone or tablet. Please be aware that it is satellite based internet and that speed can vary greatly due to weather and bandwidth usage of other guests.

Can I charge my electrical devices?

Yes, there is a plug in in your tent to charge any of your electrical devices. Please bring your own EU / USA adapter.

How far away is the first run from Base Camp?

The closest runs are only one minute away by helicopter. It is also possible to ski directly back to the Base Camp from some of the runs.

Is it possible to drive to Base Camp?

No, Base Camp is only accessible by helicopter. The closest place that can be accessed by automobile is the Bear Claw Lodge.

How far is Base Camp from the Bear Claw Lodge?

Base Camp is located 35 kilometers north of the Bear Claw Lodge.

What does a normal week at Base Camp look like?

Each week will operate from Friday A.M. arrival to Wednesday A.M. departure. (New for 2018)

You have to arrive the evening before in Smithers B.C. (Thursday) to be ready for early pick on Friday at 8:00 A.M. The best flight option is the evening flight with Air Canada from Vancouver to Smithers direct. We recommend staying at the Hudson Bay Lodge on your arrival night.

08:00 AM pick up in Smithers at the Hudson Bay Lodge.

Then transfer to the staging area, which is approximately a 1 hr 40 min hour drive by van, arriving between 10:00 - 10:30 A.M.

Transfer to Base Camp from staging is approximately a 12 minute helicopter fight.

Upon arrival at Base Camp you will go though a camp orientation, Release of Liability waivers, helicopter and snow safety briefings and then served a hot lunch. After lunch the groups will head out for 1/2 days worth of skiing.

After skiing guests will have some time for drinks, to relax and to take a shower before dinner is served at approximately 19:00 - 19:30.

Breakfast is usually served at 8:00 and skiing starts around 9:30. If you like to get up earlier hot tea and coffee as well as a small breakfast buffet will be ready at 7:00.

Lunch will usually take place on one of the runs, although sometimes guests will be flown back to Base Camp depending on weather conditions.

On departure day you will have time for shower, pack up and settle any open invoices for extra vertical and retail. Guests will then be transferred by helicopter back to the Bear Claw Lodge at approximately 09:45 A.M.

Groups will then be taken back to Smithers by van shuttle. The shuttle will drop you off either at a restaurant for lunch or at the Airport. If you wish to stay in Smithers, we can drop you off at your accommodation. 

When is the Base Camp in operation?

The Base Camp season takes place in the months of January, February and March. This will provide you with longer days and optimal snow conditions to maximize skiing/snowboarding and the enjoyment of your outdoor adventure.

What is Base Camp and what is it comprised of?

Base Camp is a remote tent based heli skiing camp, located in the heart of the Skeena Heliskiing tenure. It is set up every winter pre season and taken down after the last week of operation.

Base Camp is comprised of 9 smaller sleeping tents, 1 Freedome, 1 shower tent, 1 staff tent/workshop, 2 toilets.

The shower tent has two shower units and sinks with an “On Demand” water heating system, which means hot showers for everyone.

The main “Freedome” is the heart of the camp, and provides a large communal area with lounge, dining area and bar.