Asked Questions

I want to come to Skeena Heliskiing. What do I do now?

We suggest that you first check our availability on our Calendar Page: This page is regularly updated and is accurate.
Once you know when you can come all you have to do is click on our Contact Us page and enter your details with any questions you may have. We can then contact you to answer all of your questions, send you heli skiing package information and confirm availability of dates requested.
In some countries we can also put you in touch with a travel agent who can help organise your travel arrangements.
Click here to see our booking agent List.

Where do we stay?

Skeena Heliskiing clients stay at the Bear Claw Lodge.

How do I get to the Skeena Heliskiing? Recommended Flight Times

We recommend that you arrive in Smithers on the evening before your trip begins and stay overnight at the Hudson Bay Lodge in Smithers (They provide airport shuttles for free). This will reduce the risk of any lost heli skiing if you are delayed a day. Please feel free to contact us and we can help sort the best travel solution for your week.

If you wish to stay at the Hudson Bay Lodge, please let us know and we will arrange the booking for you.

Alternatively, depending on the time of the year you can be flown to the Bear Claw Lodge by helicopter. Flying time is approximately 30 minutes. Please contact us if you prefer Helicopter pick-up. Additional expenses are incurred for transport via helicopter.

Is internet available at the Bear Claw Lodge?

There is a wireless internet hub at the lodge for those of you who need to stay plugged in during your vacation. Please be aware that it is satellite based internet and that speed can vary greatly due to weather and bandwidth usage of other guests.

Phone or Fax?

Satellite phone is available at $4.00 per minute. We can also send and receive faxes for our guests.


The Bear Claw Lodge is non-smoking. There are designated smoking areas outside the lodge.

Do you rent skis and/or snowboards?

A large selection of Skis (Kästle) and Snowboards are provided free of charge to all our guests. 

Do you rent skis and/or snowboards boots?

We do not rent ski or snowboard boots. Guests are required to bring their own boots.

Ski Boots in your carry-on luggage?

Yes, it still happens that luggage is delayed or lost for a few days. Even on the flight from Vancouver to Smithers. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you take your ski boots  with you, as carry-on luggage. In case you can not take your boots as carry-on luggage and they are delayed, we have a small selection of almost every size to use at the Bear Claw Lodge.

How many people are at the Bear Claw Lodge?

We have a maximum of 12 heliskiers per week.  We do have beds for up to 16 people if all are double occupancy, so if non-skiers wish to come up and enjoy the lodge and the wilderness experience there is accommodation available. We offer several guided and non-guided activities at the lodge - please inquire for more information.

How big is the area?

The Skeena Heliskiing area is approx. 9,525 square kilometers, making it one of the largest heli skiing areas in the world.
The Skeena Mountain range has a huge diversity of terrain, from the high vertical slopes with extreme steeps to powder bowls with pillows and shoots as well as sweeping glades and an abundance of tree skiing providing more heli skiing opportunities during bad weather periods.  Through Skeena’s geographical location and diversity of terrain, we consistently enjoy one of the lowest number of down days in the industry. This means our clients ski more.

How far away is the first run from the Bear Claw Lodge?

The closest run is a 6 minute flight. However most of our skiing occurs within a 15 minute flight radius from the lodge. Weather and snow conditions typically dictate where we ski.


We strongly recommend Emergency Evacuation Insurance and Trip / Holiday Cancellation and or Interruption Insurance.

The Emergency Evacuation Insurance covers the costs if a special evacuation with the helicopter is needed to shuttle the injured party directly to the hospital from the skiing zone. In this case the injured party is billed. Additionally please make sure to check if your medical insurance covers the costs in case of an accident or illness while in Canada, if not this can be covered as well so there are no hassles at the hospital.

Trip / Holiday Cancellation and or Interruption Insurance is also strongly recommended, since if your trip gets cut short by injury or sickness or special leave, you will receive a portion or all of the costs returned.

These insurances are not expensive in relation to the trip price and easy to receive. In our experience having these insurances saves a lot of headaches, hassles and worries. We work together with Lifestyle Financial Services Ltd. who work with the HeliCat Canada (The Canadian heli skiing and cat skiing association) and have lots of experience with these types of insurances.

To obtain a quote follow the link below which is customized for Skeena Heliskiing.

Additionally, for a direct contact:

Brianne Lutz
Lifestyle Financial Services Ltd.
Ph. 250-542-8577

Gratuities "Tips"?

It is custom in Canada for guests to leave tips. This is split amongst all our employees as we consider it a team effort to ensure you enjoy your stay. This amount is at your discretion.